It began at a self-growth seminar in San Francisco in 2017. Sitting on opposite sides of the room, it was as though a force of energy drew our gazes towards one another (imagine Romeo and Juliet but without the feuding families).



Hello Sister & Welcome!

We’re Em Atkinson & Linda Addis, the Founders, Visionaries and Sacred Space Holders for The Revolutionary Woman, and our inner circle, The Moon Society.

As we mentioned above, we met at a self-growth seminar, and as we began talking, we shared a similar reaction to that of discovering a long-lost sister. It was as though we already knew one another, and even had the same interests. We “geeked out” when talking about the moon, menstruation, cyclical living, and the power of sisterhood.
We had a similar vision, you see. A vision of a world where women RISE together in sisterhood. Where we cherish and honor the sacred bond of the divine feminine. Where women fiercely watch out for one another. When women come together, the ground will shake and the world will be transformed.  Sisterhood is THE key to changing the world.
During our first coffee date we knew we wanted to create a circle of our own; It was here that we first planted the seed to create something together. Separately we had joined in circles before, but agreed that we never found one where we felt like we truly belonged.
Our first baby came in the form of monthly, 3-hour new moon in person gatherings. Women would join us together in a sacred space and we would honor and hold one another through a loose bond of sisterhood. We began to build a sisterhood in San Francisco, and it was clear that women were craving sisterhood.

While the 3-hour new moon gatherings were amazing, about a year into leading them we knew something just wasn’t working. 
It’s that feeling you have deep down when you know that there is something else that you are meant to be doing. That nagging feeling of “you’re not quite where you are supposed to be yet.” We both felt it. 
During this time, we were still pursuing our own individual businesses: Em was coaching 1:1 with clients and Linda was helping anyone & everyone who asked for it.
Even though we were creating a beautiful sisterhood of women in San Francisco, and even though we loved collaborating there was a sense of competition that we just couldn’t shake.

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The “problem” here lies in what is known as the Sisterhood Wound. It’s that moment when something feels like a competition between women; that moment when, instead of congratulating another woman on an accomplishment, you think ill of her; that moment when you find yourself comparing your assets to another woman’s.


Around this time, the name, The Revolutionary Woman (TRW), came to Em one night. In fact, it woke her up in the middle of the night (“rude, but also thanks guides!”), and she immediately created an instagram for it and it became the name of a program she was creating. This would be THE PLACE for her to talk about all things feminine.
We navigated the sisterhood wound by having open and honest conversations, and we decided the solution was to create a business together. We birthed the name  "A New She Rises" and decided our focus would be on retreats. For whatever reason, this idea didn't seem to flow, which we both knew was a sign of something being out of alignment (yet again!).

Then there was a lightbulb moment:


“I [Em] had this thought of ‘Holy fuck! The Revolutionary Woman isn’t mine...it’s ours.’ I started crying, like full-body chills, all of this energy coming through me and it was really fucking scary. I worked for about 7 years of my life to create TRW. It was my fucking baby and the thought of inviting Linda to co-parent it was terrifying. I was trying to control it; it was mine and it was hard to let go of.”

“When Em told me that she wanted me to become part of TRW, my initial response was ‘WHAT?!’ and this fear and excitement of what that would possibly mean. I told Em that we should both think it over during the week and would give a response on the weekend...we both responded before the weekend even arrived.”


Through our journey together we've also realized that The Revolutionary Woman is not just Em’s or Linda’s. TRW belongs to the collective who join; every woman who joins is The Revolutionary Woman.

It is safe to say that our partnership has definitely helped heal some of our deepest abandonment wounds while teaching us how to use our voices, learn how to love one another through disagreements, and live every day with our partnership. What one lacks in skill, the other makes up for. 

And while we still both have our own businesses, we know we are stronger together. 

We met when we were supposed to. We listened to that little voice that kept challenging us to become bigger than the life we had currently been leading. 


The Revolutionary Woman is the woman who doesn’t want to settle for the ordinary, the expected, or the “should be’s.”


The Revolutionary Woman desires freedom, flirts with the unknown, expands bigger than expectations, and challenges her view on the world.

It’s that little whisper in your head and your heart; the one that we have been taught to ignore.

Our motto is “Alone we can change lives, together we can change the world” and we use this to guide our decisions, and on the tough days when we’re experiencing conflict, we use this as a reminder which always brings us back to our purpose.


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”



We are devoted to creating a safe space where women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life can come together to heal, learn to love themselves, find the courage to use their voices, and let down the walls that have been built up over the years.

Our teachings and trainings blend ancient wisdom with the modern way of living. We reconnect women to the sacred cycles within themselves, the earth, and the moon, so they can live, love, and lead with ease, flow, and integrity.

This journey is all about collaboration. Everything we teach, we have walked through ourselves.


We understand you.

We see you, sister. 

This community isn't ours. It's yours!


Welcome home Sister.

We can't wait to meet you!

Em & Linda

Through our journey together we've also realized that The Revolutionary Woman is not just Em’s or Linda’s. TRW belongs to the collective who join; every woman who joins is The Revolutionary Woman.

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Since we decided to become one, TRW has grown into a global community of courageous women who are fiercely committed to living bold, unapologetic & passionate lives, and being leaders in their communities.